Friday, July 20, 2012

Sewing Retreat: April 2012

Back in April, I got to go on a weekend long sewing retreat with my mom.  Like I got to sew Thursday night, all day/night Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning.  It was AWESOME and good to get many unfinished projects FINISHED UP!  For now, I think these types of retreats will be the only times I get to sew!

I've had these two tops finished for a while, but I finally got the matching shorts finished on this trip.  The top is the Stella Tie Top and the shorts are just a basic shortened pants pattern with added ruffle.

Another pair of short to match this cute smocked top I purchased for Claire on Zulily for around $20.  I didn't love the matching shorts they had (or they didn't have her size) so I made my own.

I have this pink/orange fabric in my stash and it matches perfectly! 

I finished the leggings to this knit outfit I made in a sewing class in January 2011.  Yikes!  I told you I had a lot of unfinished projects laying around.  Claire should be able to still wear this in the fall.

This was a new project.  I am totally in love with this fabric.  The dress pattern is the Addison dress/top.  I made a size 6 so hopefully, she can wear it next year.  I had enough fabric left over (and time) to make my niece a cute skirt (but I did not take a picture).

I love how this dress ties in the back.

The boys got something out of the sewing retreat weekend too!

Matching sailboat outfits.

This sailboat patch is one of my favorite appliques designs.

I purchased this sailboat fabric and smocked the insert below when Claire was about 9 months old.  I had planned to make her a dress with it.  5 years later, I finally got the panel put into an outfit for Luke.  (My time for him to wear smocked clothing is running out and he is my last!)   Both outfits are still a little big on the boys, but big enough that I think they can wear them next summer.

Claire also got these cute ruffle pants to match this pillowcase (formerly) dress/now top that she wore when she was 3!  We have gotten a lot of wear out of this one!

I love the feeling of getting caught up (even just a little) but I already have a stack of fabric ready for my next round of projects!  I love cutting into new fabric!

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