Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday Night Choir Program-Spring 2012

I'm a little behind on posting these pics, but there were just too cute to keep to myself.

Claire and David go to children's choir at our church on Wednesday nights during the school year.  They both love to sing.  This year, they did their end-of-the year program in their rooms instead of in the big auditorium.

David sang first.

His whole group.  Lots of 3-4 year olds in choir!

Time to sing.  Nice to see my child doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.  I wish he would do that at home!

Then we headed across the hall for Claire's program.

Claire and her friend Kathryn.

Claire had a much smaller group.

Claire playing the drum she made in class.

Time to stand and sing.

Claire and her friend Avery.

Claire and David.

And here is Luke wearing a super-fun tee that his Wednesday night teacher made him.  He was not too thrilled to have his picture made!

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