Thursday, October 11, 2012

Luke's Birthday Party

My BABY turned 2 back in September.  I will do an official "Luke is 2" post soon with all the milestones and such, but here is the breakdown of his second birthday party.
Theme: Little Red Car.  Decorations were all red/aqua and Luke loves cars (and trucks and all moving vehicles).  I had to shoot this picture the day I made the invitations because I did not have a good recent picture of him.  He will not stay still long enough for a picture.  (I strategically strapped him in his little red car for the picture.)
We had a small family party with pizza for lunch and cupcakes to celebrate the birthday boy.  I went with simple red and aqua iced cupcake frosting (from Sam's) and made cute cupcake toppers.  I also decorated and plan white (very cheap) cardboard cupcake stand from Party City to match the party theme.

Luke was super-excited to come home from the soccer game and find all the party decorations!  He also loved that he was tall enough to stick his little finger into the cupcake frosting!

The whole spread.

Uncle Jon gives good tickles.

Birthday gifts!

Sweet family and friends at the party.

David and Claire with our neighbor Kate.

Time to sing Happy Birthday.  Luke was way more interested in the hanging balls.



Love this sweet boy!

And then it was back to the hanging balls!

Blow out the candle!

The cupcakes were a big hit!

Poppy captured everything on video.

The birthday boy loved the cupcake!

Look at those eyes!

Luke and Mommy!

DiDi & RiRi.

The girls!
Time to open gifts!

This gift was a big hit!  (Melissa and Doug House).

More LeapFrog videos!



Lightning McQueen slippers!

Lots of help from the party guests!

A new scooter!

Our little family.

Will's side of the family.

My side of the family.

Aunt Ashley and Ian.

What a fun day celebrating Luke!

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