Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Festival (i.e., more pumpkins)

I took the kids to a Fall Festival at our country club while Will was in Boston for training.  It was a little hot for October, but a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  We had a lot of fun!
{Well, except for when David got stung by a small bee (in his ear) and screamed loud enough to break the sound barrier.}
First up, pumpkin decorating.

Claire's friend Maggie.
Luke even got in on the fun.  He liked all the glue and glitter.

Finished pumpkins.

Luke spent a lot of time crawling all over the haystack/pumpkin display.  He thought it was his own personal jungle gym.

There was plenty of candy for the kids to make up a goody bag.

Claire patiently waited a really long time to have her face painted.

Doesn't she look thrilled.  This is the face she makes when I fix her hair in the morning.  Ha!

Her reward?  A horse on her cheek and a spool of cotton candy.

I'm not sure why we decided to put the kids IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT to take a group photo.  Maggie and Sam belong to my friend Laura.

Time for the hayride.  The mommies enjoyed the "tour of homes" through the very nice gated neighborhood where the club is location.

Another wait in a very long line produced balloon art.

There's me with the kids.  David was clearly ready to head home.  Note to self: take the group photos first before everyone is tired, moody and dirty.

My 3 little pumpkins.

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