Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tiny Olympians

I volunteered to help with the "Olympics" at David's preschool back in October. 
{I really just volunteered so I could go take pictures.}
Here is David's class marching out to the playground.  (Each class had their own sign.)  I love the hand print owl!
Class photo.
David and his best buddy J.  He is dying to have him over to play.  The mommies need to get it worked out.

A better picture of the sign.  So cute!
Time to get started!  There were 4 Pre-K classes and 4 events.


First event: parachute play.

Event #2: Hit the bucket (I'm not really sure what it was called ... they were trying to throw a spear made of drinking straws into a wastebasket.)

Event #3: bag toss.  It looks like he threw his bag behind him, but he really didn't.

Event 4: obstacle course
David's friend J.

Claire was an excellent helper!  Doesn't she look thrilled to be there?

Balance beam on the obstacle course.

Running with the torch on the obstacle course.

David receiving his medal from his teacher.

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