Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Service Project

Claire and I did a little service project (which counted as school for her) on Tuesday morning while the boys were at preschool.  We volunteered at a local pumpkin patch.  Not the kind we went to here, but a "wooden pallet" patch ... where you go buy pumpkins at a stand in town.
This pumpkin patch is the main fundraiser for a great cause: The Cooper Trooper Foundation.  This organization puts together kits for siblings of children who have cancer.  It is a great organization founded by our dear friends from Alabama, Rod & Missy Cook.  (Rod and Missy moved to Tennessee shortly after we did and Rod is Will's boss at his new job.)   They started this organization after their youngest son (of 3 boys) was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor.  It is such a great ministry and I was glad to be able to help out this year.
I took my camera and had fun practicing shooting in manual with a still subject!

Look at all the pumpkins ... these two photos are of opposite sides of the lot.

Since the local school district was out for fall break that day, Claire had lots of buddies to play with while we were working on the patch.  They were busy gathering and counting pumpkins for some larger orders that were being picked up the following day.

After we finished our shift, I picked up the boys and we went back to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.
David wanted his picture made with this ghost cut-out ... and I just realized he has his eyes closed.

Luke sat in the wagon and drank/spilled my water.

Hunting for the perfect pumpkins!

Another big FAIL at trying to get a picture of all 3 together.

My sweet boys!

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