Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween at the Hill House

Although I already posted a photo of my 3 little spooks, I wanted to post some more pictures from our evening of Halloween fun.
We have trick-or-treated with the same 3 families for the last several years. It initially started because there our no trick-or-treaters in our small neighborhood. Our friends Carey & Heather lived in a huge neighborhood with tons of houses and tons of kids (and our kids got tons of Halloween candy). So, we met at thier house for pizza and the dads took the kids out for candy and they moms stayed at the house and handed out candy. This year, Carey & Heather live in a new neighborhood is a beautiful new house. The kids got the perfect amount of candy (not too much, but enough to make them happy) and we continued our fun tradition.
Here are a few more photos of the kids in their costumes.

Luke was intrigued by the pumpkins all lit up!  (I had to use some scented candles because that is all I could find that would stand up in the pumpkins.  In case you were wondering, cucumber and charred pumpkin are not a great scent combination!
Our best family shot of the night. 

All the kids about to head out for candy.

Cute Strawberry Shortcake.  This girl is a mess!

Our neighbors ... cutest Dorothy and Scarecrow on the block.
My sweet cowboy!

Claire and Kate.

Will and Luke.

My sweet friends ... Beth, Krystie and Heather.  (Love the little photo bomber blue ninja in the background!)

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