Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/12/12 ... in 12 photos

1. Making a list and checking it twice that morning.  Coffee and a computer ... many times how I start my day.
2.  Claire playing on the ipad after breakfast ... 2013 is going to be a year of limiting the electronics for the kids.  We are not doing a great job right now.

3.  David carries this blanket around everywhere!

4.  Luke taking my picture on the phone.  Actually, I think he is taking his picture ... not sure!

5.  Coloring books from Santa the night before.  (Santa at the mall.)

6.  Sometimes, Luke colors with us too.  Sometimes, not.

7.  Our advent project.  Truth in the Tinsel.

8.  Claire pretending to be Mary.  She said this is what Mary looked like in Marketplace at our church.

9.  Our family message board adorned with Christmas crafts.  Our babysitter is an expert at making handprint/footprint crafts!

10.  Claire looking cute in her BIG Christmas hair bow.

11. My Christmas card "books".  I finished the one from 2011 to add to the pile. 

12.  Luke looking cute in the kitchen before dinner.  Actually, I don't think he ever got dressed that day.  It was a pajama kind of day.
More than 12 photos ... Will and I are so rarely on the blog, we'll put pictures 13 and 14.
13.  Claire and me.

14.  Will and David.

The end!

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