Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa ... thru the years

We took the kids for the annual Santa visit.  It's kind of become tradition that we drive around and look at Christmas lights and get Sweet CeCe's frozen yogurt afterwards.  We all had so much fun.

I called this night a big success when (1) we didn't have to wait in line very long to see Santa, and (2) nobody cried!  To top it off, Sweet Cece's had peppermint stick yogurt ... topped with crushed oreos this is my all-time favorite holiday treat.  I'm hooked!

Luke loved all the Christmas lights and would yell "rismas wights" every time we saw some (no matter how many or how few).  He even clapped after we left one big light spectacle that coincided with the end of "Jingle Bells" on our radio.  Ha!  He is a hoot!

Feeling a little nostalgic last night, I decided to revisit our Santa pictures from Christmases past.  Care for a stroll down memory lane?
2006 -- Claire was 8 months old.

2007 -- Claire was 20 months old and not a huge fan of Santa.

2008 -- Claire was 2-1/2 and David was 8 months old.

2009 -- This is the year we did not purchase the professional Santa photo.  As you can see below, David was HYSTERICAL!  He would not get anywhere near Santa.  We snapped this picture on our personal camera.  (Claire was 3-1/2 and David was 20 months old this year.) 
And I just realized that Claire is wearing the same dress she wore this year, except now it is a top!  We got our money's worth out of this one!)
2010 -- Claire is 4-1/2, David is 2-1/2 and Luke is 3 months old.

2011 -- Claire is 5-1/2, David is 3-1/2 and Luke is 15 months old.  (I was shocked we pulled this picture off ... remember the lack of picture when David was this age and the hysterical picture of Claire at this age?)

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