Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Grade Craftapalooza!

Claire and I got a little behind on her art project from her homeschool program this year.  Art is once a week and is always the last class of the day.  Many times she would watch the video and start the project, but never get it finished because it required help from me and I was tied up doing something else.  So, we spent the last day of school before winter break catching up on several unfinished art projects (and doing a few other activities).
(Claire is enrolled in an accredited program so we are required to complete all the work.  Otherwise, we so would not have finished these things up!)
1.  Felt pencil can.
2.  Christmas placemat.
3.  String painting.  (David's project is blue; Claire's is red.)  This was fun!

4 and 5.  Draw and penguin and a pig.

6 and 7.  Make a duck and a bear out of circles.  (Luke added some decoration to the duck's face.)

8.  Christmas tree with sequin ornaments.
9.  Christmas bell.

10 and 11.  Indian vest and headband.
I hope and pray we never get this behind on art projects again!

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