Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Africa With Love

For the past 2-1/2 years, we have supported a family from our LifeGroup who are missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa.  They have 4 young children and sold all their belongings and moved their families over there to serve with an organization called Living Way.  You should read more about the Lankford Family.  You will be moved. 
Will went on a mission trip to South Africa (and worked with Joey's agri-business) in February 2011.  I fully expected him to come home either (1) wanting to adopt, or (2) wanting to move to Cape Town.  He didn't.  That his not his calling at this time (or maybe ever).
Another couple from our LifeGroup, Brooke and Tate Elder, visited Cape Town with an organization called Sweet Sleep in November 2011.  Their lives were forever changed.  Yesterday, we put them on a plane to Cape Town, South Africa.  With their 2 girls.  Where they will serve for the next 3 years.   I love their story ... their call.  They will arrive (after two long days of travel) in a couple of hours and start the task of settling in to their new life.  I'm excited to be partnering in prayer with them and hope we can visit them and serve with them in Cape Town sometime in the next 3 years.
Here are some pictures from the airport farewell yesterday.
Lots of luggage!!  18 bags/trunks I believe.  Pretty much all of their remaining earthly possessions.
Their sweet girls (the 2 on the right side of the photo).
Beginning the long check-in process.
Lots of luggage helpers.
Our old Wednesday night church girls group.  (Or our "Wednesday Wine" group as one of the hubbies calls it.  I promise ... we don't drink wine at church!)
Most of Brooke and Tate's family were at the airport to say good-bye.
I'm so excited to see that amazing work that God is going to do through the family!

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