Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Visitor

David started his new 3-day class at preschool this week and right off the bat, we had a school project to complete.  Meet Mack the Monkey.  He is the class monkey who got to come spend the weekend with us.  (And I got to make a little scrapbook page about all the happenings.)
David has loved his new class so far.  We went to a classmate's birthday party on Saturday and he had so much fun playing with all the little boys from his class.  A friend of mine who works at his preschool told me she has never seen him so happy and excited to be at school.  That makes this mama happy too!  (Of course, it also makes me a little sad that my little shadow enjoys spending so much time away from me now.  Sniff, sniff.)  I'm glad he is having such a good time.
And I hope that Mack the Monkey comes to visit again soon!

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