Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas Around the World

I  chaperoned David's Christmas around the world
  day at school back in December.  Claire was my sidekick helper as well.
First stop: Italy.  Apparently the nativity scene in Italian art.  The kids made a fingerprint nativity.  And the brown paint permanently stained the only Christmas tee David owns.  Oh well, so much for washable paint!

Next stop: Mexico.  My favorite ethnic food (with Italy and Greece running a very close second).

Ms. Tama spoke about the Mexican tradition of the poinsettia. 

And then they sang "Feliz Navidad".

And then they ate chips & salsa.

Then it was off to Belgium.  I kind of missed how being dressed as a Christmas tree related to the Belgium holidays but the kids seemed to like her.
Pointing out Belgium on the globe.

The tree lady demonstrated some kind of smoking St. Nicholas Belgium tradition.

And then they ate crepes.  David was not a fan.

Last stop: Australia.  It's summer there at Christmastime.  And there are Koala bears.

The kids learned lots of other fun facts about Australia but I headed out since the kids were back in their classroom with their teacher (world traveling complete).

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