Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Best. Day. Ever

That is what Claire said to Will when he came home from work on Monday. 
Claire got to visit a 1st grade class at a private school we hope she will be attending next year.  They made her fell so special and everyone was so excited for her to be there. 
The school sent this fun little photo page home with her.
She really is a little sad that she can't return there for the rest of the school year.  God made it VERY CLEAR that we made the right decision to send her to school next year instead of homeschooling another year.  Claire told me that she "forgot all about me" while she was at school today.  Gee, thanks!  But, I am glad she had fun and felt welcome.  She is super-pumped to start school in the fall!
{Photo editing note: I had to delete the teachers name and cover all the school insignias on the private school uniforms.  In case you were wondering what all those dark sploches were on their shirts.}

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