Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I heart Valentine's Day

Claire is always super-sad that she doesn't get valentine's day card from her classmates each year.  You know, mainly since her classmates are me, myself and I.  Ha! 
This year, I actually got my act together early and put together 12 days of Valentine's Day treats for her.  So she gets a little treat each day.  I got the idea here.  (There is a link to a PDF document with all of the little sayings.)

"I love your BEAR HUGS!  They are so special"-Teddy Grahams
"Life is a circus with you around"-Animal crackers
"It's o-fish-al!  You're the best kid ever."-Goldfish crackers
"You color my world with happiness"-box of crayons
"Hope your day is Marvelous & Magnificent just like you"-bag of M&Ms
"I love you more than Chocolate ..." - any kind of chocolate candy
"You make my heart GLOW"-small flashlight, flashlight wand (party favor section @ Target), glow sticks/wand
"You make my life a little sweeter"-suckers or any kind of candy
"You're a great catch ..."-Swedish fish or Goldfish crackers
"You blow me away"-bubbles or balloons
"You're the apple of my eye"-apple juice, apple
"You're my treasure"-chocolate coins, change for piggy bank
{I think I spent about $12-$15 total for all of these little treats}
For David and Luke's classroom valentine's, I turned to Pinterest.
David's classmates will get these Star Wars cards with glow stick light-saber swords. 

Luke's classmates will get these cute jars of playdough.

I also plan on making my favorite Valentine's Day cupcakes!


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