Thursday, February 21, 2013

New school and a Valentine's Day party

I am just crazy about Luke's new preschool.  Right now, he is only there MWF, but in the fall he will be there everyday!
We took him to his Valentine's Day party last Thursday (even though he is not normally there that day).  This is first time I've gotten to take pictures because normally we just drop him and run (to avoid any crying ... and he still cries sometimes).  And I still don't know any of the kids in his class, but I did get to meet a few parents at the party.

I was worried about my other 2 kids being with me (I couldn't find anyone else to watch them ... believe me, I tried), but they were fine.  Except for David was LESS THAN THRILLED to be at Luke's party!


Finally!  A picture of Luke with his teachers.  Ms. Michelle ...

and Ms. Wendy.
We are just crazy about these ladies!  And Luke was crazy about the heart cookies.  I'll bet he ate 4 of them during the 30 minutes we were there!

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