Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Much Fun x2

 At the end of January , we had a couple of snow days.  The kids were super-pumped to play outside.  And, as usual, I was ill-equipped to dress them for it! 
On Friday, we just got a little dusting.  David said it snowed because he "wish-ed" for it the night before.  The snow was gone by around 10AM, but Claire and David played outside for a good long while and I watched from the warmth of the dining room.  (Fortunately, Luke had school.)

There was still plenty of sledding despite the lack of snow!

On Saturday, I woke up at the crack of down (3AM to be exact) and went downstairs to catch up on a little DVR'd TV watching (and hoping to fall back asleep).  Around 6AM it started snowing hard and we got a nice little accumulation of snow.  Fortunately, Will was home to help with the snow play this time and I just went outside to take a few pictures!
There was a lot of sledding.
Luke got to join in on the fun this time!

More sledding ...

A little snow sweeping.  Not sure what this was?  Luke just wanted to pull everything out of our garage and play with all of our outside toys since we were outside.
Pictures with Mommy ... just to prove I was there.

And then, Will and the kids built a ginormous snowman!


As much as the kids love the snow, I am so ready for spring.  (These may be famous last words!)

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