Friday, March 8, 2013

February Snippets

February was a short, but busy month!  We packed a lot in!
Claire and I did a MASSIVE re-organization of her American Girl Doll clothes.  Each outfit is now nicely housed (with all accessories, etc.) in its very own gallon Ziploc bag and stored standing up in the pink bin in the photo.  Now she just needs to learn to put everything back where she got it when she plays with her dolls! 
Happy Chinese New Year!  David spent an entire week celebrating Chinese New Year at his preschool.  They did all sorts of fun stuff, including making this fancy headpiece.

This little guy can go to town on some corn on the cob.  Unfortunately, he doesn't get much actual corn off the cob and into his mouth.

Claire has 3 loose teeth.  They have been loose for months.  Will is giving them a little wiggle to move things along!

Brother love!  I still love to dress my boys alike!

We sent some Valentine's Day goodies over to our missionary friends in South Africa.  (They were delivered via a mission trip group from our church.)  They loved all their little goodies and we loved putting together their "love" package.
Here are their girls in their shirts.  It is summer there so they can wear short-sleeve tees in February.  I'm not real sure why Target thought we could here in the USA?

It was actually warm enough to play outside one Saturday and Claire and our neighbor Kate had a fun time outside with their AG dolls.

While the kids played outside, I sat outside with them and read Sparkly Green Earrings.  Melanie, or Big Mama as she is know on her blog, is one of my favorite bloggers and I read her blog as soon as I sit down at my computer each day.  Her book was absolutely a pleasure to read.  And right now, the Kindle book is only $5.  I read this book in 2 days ... it was that good!  You will laugh, you will cry, you will wish Melanie lived next door to you, you will be glad you read it!
Luke has taken to undressing himself lately.  This is how I found him after his nap one day.  He had gotten himself into quite the predicament!  Not sure you can tell but the shirt is the ONLY thing he is wearing (pull-up and pants are off too).

Claire and David discovered Fun-Dip.  David got several packs as Valentines at school.  They both really liked it ... I mean, what's not to like about colored sugar?

While I was away on a girls' scrapbooking weekend, Will and his parents took the kids to a sports fest sponsored by a local radio station.  They had lots of fun and ran into several business and local sports team mascots.  Will would not let them get their picture taken with Smokey (UT's mascot).

Will and Claire got to go to a Vanderbilt basketball game one night.  We are thankful for friends who share their tickets with us on occasion!

David has to entertain himself while I work on MWF afternoons.  One day, he worked every single puzzle in our school room. 

Meme (my mom) has a birthday in February so my sister and I took her to lunch one day to celebrate!

That is all for February!
(And now, for one brief moment in time, I am caught up!)

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