Friday, March 8, 2013

January Snippets

Once upon a time when I named this blog, I wanted to capture little snippets of our daily life.  Sometimes I do a good job and sometimes I don't.  I do take a lot of daily pictures on my phone and most of the time that is where they stay. 
So, my resolve for 2013 is to do a little monthly round-up post (or phone dump) to cover some things that might not necessarily merit their very own blog post.   I'm already running behind ... great resolution!!
Claire modeling her new robe she got for Christmas (and little Claire matching).  She wears it a lot!

I saw Les Miserables (the movie) with a friend.  I quickly became OBSESSED with the soundtrack.  I saw the play/musical in London in 1999.  I had forgotten how amazing it was!
Roll Tide!  We cheered on Alabama for the 3rd National Championship in the Nick Saban era (14th overall) on January 7th!

David went to a birthday party at Glow Galaxy.  He has talked of nothing else since then!  These kids are all from his MWF class.

Claire and I met Meme near her house and got mani/pedis.  And then we had to wait out a tornado in a nearby Dollar General before we could drive home.  Fortunately, there was no touchdown near us.

We are big fans of Sweet CeCe's for a treat after school!  Claire and David's favorite is chocolate with m&ms.  My favorite right now is Lemon Bar and Cupcake Batter.  Luke will eat whatever I feed him!  (He was not a hug fan of the Lemon Bar!)

My kids got a lot of legos for Christmas.  And they are slowing taking over my dining room table!  Yikes!  That is a lot of teeny-tiny parts that we have to keep Luke away from!
Claire and did a little science experiment for school.  We kept the celery in the cups for about 48 hours but Will threw the celery away before I could snap an "after picture".

I went to see Sandi Patti, Wayne Watson and Larnelle Harris live in concert.  My nerdy teenage self who loved to belt out some Sandi Patti in the confines of my bedroom was very excited.  She was great but my two girlfriends and myself brought the median age in the room down by about 20 years!  And we are not that young!  We did get to hear my all-time fave Sandi Patti song!
That is all for January!

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