Thursday, March 7, 2013

Have a nice day ...

AKA our date night with Bon Jovi. 
We started out with dinner at Fulin's.  It's about 1 minute from our house and we've never eaten there.  And I had a Groupon.  My sushi was excellent!   Will went all Kung Fu Panda on his spicy chicken dish.  It was yummy too! 

Then we headed downtown to see Bon Jovi in concert.  Will got me these tickets for Christmas.  Our seats were way up high.  But we had fun.  The tickets said the concert started at 7:30 but it actually started around 8:20.  Bon Jovi was in no hurry to get on stage ... clearly they didn't realize we were on the clock with the babysitter!

They opened with a few songs from their new album coming out next week.  And then it was on to our old school favorites ... for the next 3 hours.  Jon can sing the heck out of some songs ... and Richie Sambora can play the guitar.   
My pictures of the band on stage are not that good because we were VERY FAR AWAY and I just had my phone.  But the music was loud, the crowd was fun and the jr high/high school memories were flowing!  I think "Slippery When Wet" was one of the very first CASSETTE tapes I bought with my very own money.
We were hoping for a guest appearance by Jennifer Nettles for "Who Says You Can't Go Home" since they were in NASHVILLE and all, but honestly, it was just a good without her.  Richie can sing some mean BGVs.

Of course, I had to run home and buy Bon Jovi's greatest hits on itunes and I have been listening to it all day long.  (I believe I have finally gotten over my obsession with the Les Mis soundtrack.)   So, here is my Top Ten list of favorite Bon Jovi songs after my little trip down memory lane.  I'm pretty sure we heard all of these last night. (It's all starting to run together now!)
10. Runaway
9. I'll Be There For You
8.  Blaze of Glory
7. Have a Nice Day
6.  Always
5. Bad Medicine
4. We Weren't Born to Follow
3. Born To Be My Baby
2.  Livin' on a Prayer
1. It's My Life
Leave a comment and tell me your favorite Bon Jovi song!

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