Thursday, March 21, 2013

Field Trip: Adventure Science Center

Last week, we took what is hopefully out last field trip for 1st grade.  (I had 10 spare days to fill from our curriculum).  We headed out with some other homeschool buddies to the Adventure Science Center.  I went here when I was a child, although I think it was called something different at that time.  I just remember it was a fun trip!
The main reason I wanted to go was to see the Magic School Bus exhibit.  It was pretty neat.  It was all about WEATHER.
Claire and her buddy McCall.

We learned a little bit about sound and light in the adventure tower. 

Then we headed up to BodyQuest where the kids played brain storm-they controlled the ball by controlling their thoughts.

There was a giant heart ...

And a water table that showed how blood flows through our veins, arteries, etc.

They even spent a little time in the OR.

They answered some gross intestinal questions.

And they brushed a giant tooth!

More fun on the Adventure Tower ... climbing up the vertebrae ladder.

The space exhibit was AWESOME!  I loved the giant solar system.

Some of the "little planets".  Little compared to Jupiter and Saturn!  The girls really wanted to do the moonwalker (which gives you the feeling of walking on the moon) but you had to weigh at least 50 pounds and our girls clocked in at 41 and 44.  Too bad we couldn't put them in a harness together to meet the weight minimum!

In The Magic School Bus exhibit, we learned all about weather.  The air blasters were a big hit!

This was Tim's Hot Backyard.

Claire was calling in to check the local weather.

The girls were dying to get in the "Wild Winds" booth, so Leigh and I scrounged up $2 to play.  The winds got up to 90+ mph.

There was hair everywhere!  But they had fun!

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