Friday, March 22, 2013

Gettin' my scrap on ...

Back in February, I got to spend a whole weekend (Thursday-Sunday) scrapbooking with some of my very favorite people!  We have been scrapbooking together since I was pregnant with Claire.  I think our very first weekend "retreat" was in Gatlinburg the week before I found out if Claire was a boy/girl (Nov. 2005).  We have made a lot of memories together ... literally.
Here are some pictures of everyone hard at work. 

Claire did all of her "scrapbooking" on the computer.  She had a lot easier time packing up than the rest of us!


I worked on 3 different projects while I was there.
#1: a scrapbook about Will's 2011 trip to Cape Town, South Africa. 
I finished the entire book on Thursday afternoon/night.  It still needs a few titles and some journaling from Will, but otherwise, IT IS DONE.  I haven't said that about a scrapbook in a long time!
I used a Creative Memories Picfolio album.  I highly recommend this if you want to finish an album quickly, but you are somewhat limited in the number of photos you can use.  (I think they are expandable now ... I bought mine back in 2007 ... it's vintage!)

#2: Claire's baby book.
This is a book about my pregnancy with Claire thru her first year of life.  Yes, I know she is ALMOST 7, but I've been busy since 2006!  Here are a few pages from her book that I just love!
I worked on Claire's book all day Friday and Saturday and I made it to 8 months (and Christmas).  So I only have 4 more months to go!

#3: David's baby book.
I know, he is 4.  But I have done a little bit in his book. 
Like the title page ... 
Ultrasound photos ...

And pictures of his nursery.

I worked on David's book on Sunday morning.  I was missing a few pictures I thought I had already ordered so I spent the majority of time organizing the pictures from his entire first year and separating them out by page and making a list of pictures I was missing that I needed to print.
Luke's baby book got no attention at all.  Sniff, sniff.  I have purchased supplies for his album and printed pictures so I am headed in the right direction!
Now I just need about 3-4 more of these weekends away to get these baby books finished up!  Ha!

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