Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SEC Basketball

Will spent the better part of Friday and Saturday at the SEC Basketball Tourney.  Friday, he got to watch Alabama beat Tennessee and hung out with 4 friends from church.
(Sorry for the horrible picture, but this is all I got.  We're making memories here people!)

Saturday afternoon, he took David with him to watch Alabama play Florida in the semifinals.  They made a quick stop at SEC Fanfare before the game.  Apparently, David is a big hit with all the ladies (and the mascots).  Alabama's cheer squad rounded up Big Al for David.

Our friends from Birmingham came up to watch the Bama game.  David and Kirk had fun hanging out together.

David and Will.  What a fun father-son outing ... and David's first Bama basketball game!
David made it through the Bama game and half of the other semi-final game (Vandy vs. Ole Miss) before they headed home.

So glad my guys had such a fun time!

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