Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Sunday and Easter Baskets

I promise this is the last of the Easter 2013 photos!  I love putting together Easter baskets almost as much as I love Christmas stockings.  It's just so fun!
My handiwork on Easter eve.  And I finally bought Luke an Easter basket of his very own!
For some good basket stuffer ideas, go here and here.
David got an 2 sticker books, an "I Can Draw" book and Lego mini creator set, a bag of bunny marshmallows and some eggs filled with Nestle Crunch candy eggs.

Luke got coloring books and crayons, 2 new leapfrog DVDs and some eggs filled with bunny marshmallows.  Claire got 3 American Girl doll books (she is totally into all the "Girl of the Year" books), two plastic bead necklaces, a mini Lego Friends set and some eggs filled with chocolate candy eggs.

The big kids were super-excited about their baskets.

Luke got his basket right before we left for church.  He really liked all his now "cowers" too.

Our family photo all dressed up for church.  I hate that we were not outside, but it was yucky rainy and Will likes to change clothes IMMEDIATELY after we get back home from church.

My mom made Claire's Easter dress this year and it was beautiful.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I "manufactured" her hairbow with a bit of ribbon I pulled off her dress (didn't like it hanging from the flower) and an old hairbow from when she was 2.

My family came over for dessert around 3 pm and Meme and Poppy brought more Easter baskets!

There was a lot of excitement.  And maybe a wind-up bunny that pooped jelly beans.

Luke is a big fan of the grandfathers.  Both my dad and Will's dad.

Claire with Meme and Poppy.

Time for an indoor egg hunt with the cousins.

We put the 4 big kids to work sorting eggs afterwards.

Then we had an impromptu dance party ... on the coffee table.

Meme & Poppy!
My sister and her family.

Happy Easter!

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