Thursday, April 11, 2013

I love to color!

Luke absolutely loves to color.  Or "ka wer" as he so cutely says.
He does not like to color alone either.  He will often say "kawer me" and pull me over to the table and force a crayon into his hand.
He doesn't really have a preference for one crayon over the other (skinny versus fat).  I'm just glad he doesn't eat them anymore.

He will usually just color with one of two colors on each page.  But he is clearly trying to color just over the picture instead of all over the page.

This has all just started in January since he started going to daycare on MWF.  I'm thankful for the improvement in his fine motor skills.

I got these seasonal coloring books for the kids here.  I usually just upload them to a local office store and have 3 copies printed, three-hole punch them and then place them in a clear-cover folder to make a "book".  Luke always knows to look for his name (David gets VERY upset if anyone colors in his book) and says "Luke paper".

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