Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break: 2013

This homeschooling mama sure was ready for spring break week.  David and Luke were out of their church preschool, but Luke still went to his daycare on MWF and I had debated just not giving Claire a spring break and finishing up the school year earlier.  However, the Thursday before spring break, there was a groupon-type deal for half-price spring break camp at a local indoor playpark.  Ummm, two please? 
{I had already come to the conclusion that I simply could not get any work done with David there all week.  He is not the best at entertaining himself and if Claire was trying to do school, he would really be bored.}
The schoolroom took a week off!
David left me a picture list of thing to do while he was at camp.  Some of the pictures include making his bed, loading the dishwasher and apparently doing something with a wooden mallet?

This is what the kids did all day.  Each day had a "theme" of some American city or landmark (like Alaska, NYC, Mt. Rushmore, etc.).  They really had a good time.  There was a lot of just free play too, of course.

Snow globe-type crafts from Alaska day.
Claire's buddy Ava.

The play park has free WIFI so I stayed and worked one day when I picked them up and they had a snow cone treat.

Mt. Rushmore craft.  Loved this.  I'm trying to talk will into a road trip to South Dakota to see it in person ... maybe when the kids are older.

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