Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Lesson in Baking ... by Claire

First: mix all ingredients together in a bowl. It is okay to help the machine stir, but make sure that your mommy turns it off first.

Next: add chocolate chips. One handful at a time. Stop to eat a few along the way. If you drop some in the floor, either let your little brother eat them, or pick them up and eat them yourself. Do not put them in the bowl.

Next: time for a taste test. Mommy says the batter is the best part. I agree. Do not put your spoon back into the batter bowl after you have licked it. If you do, don't tell anyone.

Next: WAIT. I had a hard time with this step. I patiently waited by the oven door for the cookies to bake.

Last: more taste testing. This is my favorite part!!

Now for your after-snack entertainment ... a little music.

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Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

This sounds so like ME baking chocolate chip cookies!! I love chocolate way too much.
Hope you have a blessed weekend!
In Him,