Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sew What?: February

This month has been more about planning than actual sewing. I have several projects that I have been planning for the spring and a new quilt I want to try. Here are some sneaky peaks below. I hope to have them all finished up sometime during March ... it would go much quicker if I had a serger and an embroidery machine. I have to travel 30 minutes to my mom's house to use both when needed. (I use the embroidery machine a ton-like I should probably pay to have it serviced!!)

Here is what I have planned for my March sewing extravaganza ... which will take place IN MY DREAMS. No, really, I should be able to get this stuff finished up this month ... if I am willing to sacrifice a little sleep.

This fabric is for David's birthday party outfit. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to use it all because I think the print by itself would be a little much.

This fabric is for Claire's birthday party outfit. Both party outfits will have a cupcake applique somewhere on the front (hence, a trip to mom's to use the embroidery machine.) I was trying to get the colors of both kids' outfits to coordinate since we are having their parties on the same day (at different times and locations). Plus, the party print fabric just didn't look very girly to me. I think the polka dot fabric is perfect because it picks up the orange, aqua and yellow from the party print, but also has the pink and purple for a more girly effect.
This fabric is for an Easter play outfit (for all those darn Easter egg hunts we go to every year-last year, we went to 5). It seems to be a pretty trendy thing around here to host an annual Easter egg hunt. No complaints from me, although 5 is a little excessive. With this fabric, Claire is going to get pants (bunny) with ruffles (gingham) and a white t-shirt with a bunny applique. David will get a long romper of some sort with the leftovers.

This fabric is for a sleepover quilt pattern I found on a sewing blog that I read. I have been wanting to make a quilt and this one is relatively small (since it is basically a nap mat), so I thought it would be a good place to start. This one will be for David, although I don't anticipate him going to a sleepover anytime soon. That will give me plenty of time to get this thing finished! Depending on how time intensive this project is, this would make a great birthday gift for some of Claire's close friends in the future. We'll see!

Last, but not least is a finished item! I bought this dress ready-to-smock and my mom smocked it for Claire. We love it! Claire has already been asking to "wear her puppies" but I told her we had to wait until it warms up!

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