Monday, March 2, 2009

New tricks

David has a few new tricks up his sleeve here of late.

He has learned how to crawl up the stairs. So ... now the gate is up at the bottom of the stairs most of the time.

He was very proud of himself looking down at me at the bottom (he's only on the second or third step).
This one cracks me up. He has learned to carry stuff in his mouth while he crawls. Pretty smart, huh?

Last, but certainly not least, he has developed a remote control radar. No matter what room you are in, if there is a remote control there he will find it ... and put it in his mouth ... even if you hide it. We have tried to give him a fake remote to play with (an old remote with no batteries), but he is not easily fooled.

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Chris, Jen and Owen said...

Owen has that saem remore radar. Now, though, he gets tired of looking for it, and he has fiugred out how to just go up to the TV and turn it on. Just wait till he get a bit taller. Looks like he's having some serious fun on those steps...