Monday, March 2, 2009

Weather Extremes

We have had some weird weather already this year. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we went to the zoo? In February? It was in the high-60's that day. Last Thursday, we had another burst of warm weather, in the low 60's, and I took the kiddos for a wagon ride around the neighborhood. This was David's first time in the wagon. I was afraid he was going to topple over since there were no shoulder straps ... and he is a little top heavy. He did fine though and Claire kept close tabs on his every movement.

I got a pretty good workout pulling around about 50 pounds of weight up and down the small hill in our neighborhood. I might have found a new workout regime.

Back to the weather. A mere 3 days after the wagon ride, we woke up on Sunday morning to this. Okay ... so by the time we made it outside after church, most of our snow was gone. My parents, only 30 minutes away, had 6-1/2 inches. We probably had about 1 inch. We managed to scrape up a little snow from Will's car (parked in the shade) to put together a mini-snowman for Claire. She was thrilled. Honestly, she had just as much fun playing with the snow on the car as she would have playing with snow on the ground and it was much less messy!

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