Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Trip to the Mountains

We went to Gatlinburg over MLK weekend with Will's Dad's family. Gatlinburg always makes me think of Old Tyme Photos, airbrush t-shirts and fudge. Other than a quick walk up and down the strip one night after dinner, we didn't see or do any of these things. {I truly love a good old tyme photo.} It was fun to remember all those youth trips to Gatlinburg even if only for a moment. We also had fun spending time with the Taylor family.

Friday night dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The kids and I rode up with Will's parents because Will had to stay in town for a meeting at church on Saturday. He came up after that. On the ride up there, we heard a lot of "Mommy, I want to play in the snow" and "Mommy, I hungry" and "Mommy, I want to go up that big mountain." There was no sleeping, by the way. So by this time, we were napless, hungry and way past our bedtime. Say cheese!

Me, Joe and Brad snacking on some yummy onion rings.

Cousin Val and Aunt Sissy

We spent a lot of time in the chalet. Joe and Brandi played a mean game of Foosball while the rest of us tried our hand at Spinners (a domino game).

Aunt Sissy and I had a little too much fun playing spinners. {No, we are not drinking wine while we are still in our pjs.}

Claire trying on my boots.

David started crawling while we were there. I actually think it was easier since he could scoot on the hardwoods. We have carpet in most of our house. See all the toys in front of him to lure him in a forward direction.

Will (with his mama) finally made it up to the chalet.

Me with Will's cousins, Valerie and Vonda. I think we were watching "Mama Mia".

After dinner at Park Grille on Saturday night, we ventured down the strip to find some salt water taffy. It was COLD! Breanna and Davis in front of Herbie the Love Bug at Ripley's.

This girl was in HEAVEN. She loves her some CANDY!

Our little family all bundled up on the strip. The kids were toasty warm (and Claire has taffy on her gloves).

RiRi with all the grand kids while we waited on our table at Park Grille. Hold on David!

The aquarium in Gatlinburg in awesome! Claire loved it. Look at that big catfish behind her.

We got to the big tropical fish tank just in time to see a diver feeding the fish.

Davis and Breanna being silly.

My favorite ... the neon jellyfish!

Our view from our chalet behind us. What a beautiful sight!

We got snow the day we left for home. This was our chalet. We were rushing to get off the mountain before too much snow accumulated.

We drove home in this! {I was not driving.}

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