Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Claire's Big Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, Will's parents came to town on Friday afternoon with Claire's cousins, Davis & Breanna in tow. They stayed at a hotel on Friday night and swam their little hearts out. On Saturday morning, they hit the hotel pool at 7:00 AM, ate breakfast and then headed to Claire's soccer game.

Claire had quite the little cheering section at the game. And her play was much improved from her first game. She didn't stand with the coach the entire time (and try to hold his hand) and she actually kicked the ball a couple of times.

Pre-game warm-up with sub-Coach Nate.

Claire's cheering section.

Breanna & Davis-Claire's cousins. She is just crazy about these two.

There is some serious team strategy going on in this picture.



After the soccer game, Will's parents took the big kids to lunch (David had to stay with us) and then to see Disney on Ice. Claire loved seeing all the Disney characters ice skating. She has been telling me for about a month now that she didn't have any ice skates (she was worried) because she didn't get that she was going to WATCH the ice skating. She loved it and Will's mom said she sang all the princess songs. I kind of wish we could have gone too! But, Will and I enjoyed a nice peaceful day at home watching Alabama football and remembering how easy it is to only take care of one child. Even if that one child is such the handful right now.

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