Friday, July 2, 2010

Father's Day Fun!

Okay ... I know that Father's Day was almost two weeks ago, but I am a little slow getting pictures off my camera here of late. We spent most of Father's Day here, much to Will's chagrin. I told him that sitting through a three hour ballet recital when you really want to be watching the U.S. Open at home on your couch is really what being a father is all about. He disagreed.

But, thanks to the ballet recital, we did get to see all of the special fathers in our lives. And Will got to watch golf on the DVR when we got home.

First there is Poppy (my dad). Here he is with Claire post-recital. This is a rare shot of him out from behind the video camera.

Then there is Daddy/Will and Didi (at our house for pizza after the recital). David, as always, was thrilled to be having his picture taken.

After all the recital hoopla was over and the grandparents had gone home, Will got to open his gifts. (He had already purchased for himself a lovely Nike belt.) So, that left the gifts from the kids. Thank you to our summer preschool programs for coordinating these projects!!

Claire gave Will this lovely paper where she drew a picture and "wrote" about her Daddy.

I laughed out loud when I first read this. I'm not sure that Claire understood that she was supposed to answer questions about her Daddy. My favorite is "my daddy likes to eat celery and carrots." I have never, ever seen Will put a piece a celery in his mouth. He even complains if I use cream of celery soup in a casserole or something. And we never eat celery at home. I don't know where she got this from.

A brief explanation of the picture. If you ask Claire what her favorite color is, she will say "rainbow". Like it's one single color. She loves rainbows and she colors everything in rainbow color.

She has also written her name on the bottom of the page too. See the C-L-A on the bottom and then the I-R-E going up the side of the page. I cannot get her to connect the top of the "A". We have practiced ... a LOT!! Nor can I get her to put only three lines on the "E". We work on this daily. I'm sure she'll learn it just in time to start kindergarten, where they will make her start writing in lowercase letters.

David fingerprint painted a coffee mug for Will. He is modeling it (aka "being silly") below.

It came in this lovely gift bag with David's sweet hand print.

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