Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finishing February

I know I still owe ye ole faithful blog readers a post about Will's South Africa trip, but that is going to take me a while to process! In the meantime, here are a few more family things to wrap up the month.

(1) Another round of snow. 1-2 inches to be exact and two more days out of school.

(2) Future astronaut?

David loves to play dress-up with Claire. After Halloween last year, I bought him a couple of boy costumes at 75% off because we were getting a little concerned about all the dressing up in Claire's princess dresses. (Not really!) He loves the astronaut costume. He also loves the moon. He can spot it anytime it is out ... even in the daytime when it is barely visible.

Another boy costume ... Ninja fighter. (Please disregard the mess in the background. We had a few baskets of clean clothes to be put away, several bins of old clothes being priced for a consignment sale and the kids had emptied several bins of their toys from the playroom out in my bedroom floor!)

(3) Pajama day at school.

To celebrate the letter "P", Claire got to wear pajamas to school and eat a pancake breakfast with pink milk! There was absolutely no question that she would be wearing her Kitty White pajamas!

(4) Spiderman.

We celebrated Claire's friend B's birthday at Pump It Up complete with an appearance from Spiderman. He was a big hit with all the kids. Notice how we have finally progressed to having our pictures made with the characters. (David isn't quite there yet.)

Claire and the birthday boy.

The whole gang with Spiderman.

(5) Meme's birthday brunch.

We had my family over for Saturday morning brunch to celebrate Meme's birthday. I think this is our first time all together since Christmas.

My sister and I with Mom.

My mom and dad (aka Meme and Poppy).

All the grandkids.

(6) Just hanging out.

Claire and David love playing with Baby Luke on the floor. They are a big help to me. They better watch out because I have a feeling he will be crawling soon!

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