Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is Alabama Football!

Since I have not managed to get any of our football pictures up, despite the fact that we have been to several games this year, I decided to lump them all into one big post. 

Will made the trek down to Tuscaloosa with some guy friends for the Arkansas game in September, but I stayed home for soccer.  (Those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth!)

My first game of the season was the Vanderbilt game (which was also homecoming).  We got to take Claire and David with us and they were so excited!

Luke stayed home with Meme, but he still showed his school spirit!

C & D loved their Big Al shirts.  Our only family photo of the day.

Our best buddies in Tuscaloosa ... David and Nikki.  We stopped by to see them at their awesome tailgate before the game.

We finally made it to the Quad.  Will and the kids in front of Denny Chimes.  An U of A landmark.

Checking out the handprints and footprints of captains past.

David got this fun hat as his game-day souvenir.

Claire and Daddy.

In front of the stadium ... heading into the game.

Daddy and Claire in our seats.

David and Me.  David was pretty content as long as the snacks were running freely.  There was a little incident with sticky hands after he ate a fruit-by-the-foot that I thought might send him over the edge.  Did I mention he doesn't like loud noises?  (He covers his ears when he flushes the toilet.)  He was NOT A FAN of the fly over after the National Anthem.

I love this picture.  The kids made it until the 3rd quarter before we started packing up to head home.

Will has definitely succeeded in raising two Bama fans.  Claire still does some of the cheers she heard at the game.  She watched intently.  David ... not so much yet.

The next big game was the Bama/UT game and we were without kids which was a nice treat for the day.  It took us forever to get to Tuscaloosa due to a wreck in North Alabama on the interstate.  We finally got there and had a quick little tailgate time before the game with David & Nikki.  The blond is our friend Rebecca, who works in the Southern Living test kitchens and she is AWESOME!  You should check out her blog here.  You definitely want to eat whatever she brings to the tailgate.

Me, Nikki & Casey

David & Will

Alabama takes the field with lots of fanfare!

Will and I eating yummy football cookies.

Pictures of the field from our seats.

The last game we attended was the big one ... Bama vs. LSU (#2 vs. #1) ... maybe you heard about it?

We left the kids with Will's parents for the weekend and headed to T-town for a big day of tailgating and football.

Rebecca, Me and Nikki

We met up with our friends Jay and Jennie (we drove 4 hours to hang out with them and they live 5 minutes from our house ... go figure).  It was a long day so it was nice to change up our tailgate site for a bit.

Will and Jay unintentionally wore their matching shirts.  Funny!
Here's to another great football season even if we don't bring home the big title.  (I think it's still a possibility at this point.)  Every year we say we are not going to buy tickets the next year, but then we have a great time and decide to keep them another year. 

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