Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Will!

Will turned the big 3-5 earlier in December.  We got a sitter and went out to our favorite adult restaurant on his actual birthday, but we celebrated with the kids the night before. 

The kids made him birthday cards that afternoon after school.  My stamping and scrapbooking supplies were put to good use.  (At least somebody is using them.)


Time to open gifts.  The kids were very excited about this.  He got a photo calendar and journal that I made here.  (This website has awesome photo gifts.) 

A birthday nose honk from Luke.  (He thinks all noses honk.)  

And a sweet birthday kiss. 

My trip to Costco for birthday cheesecake was thwarted by a monsoon rain, so I made this family favorite dessert instead.  (It really is the BEST chocolate cake ever.)  We even had 3 and 5 candles (David's and Claire's current ages ... how handy for me). 

Time to blow out the candles. 

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