Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preschool Corner: Letter D (Dinosaurs and Dora the Explorer)

Our Letter D week revolved around Dinosaurs and Dora the Explorer.  Fantastico!  (Let's just say I've seen a few too many Dora episodes.)

{David is 3 years, 8 months old.}

We did a dinosaur on our Melissa & Doug sort/snap color match puzzle.

We made a Dora Tot Book at the beginning of the week and used it to review our colors, shapes and numbers throughout the week.

We also worked on our bible verse from RRSP.  Our D verse was "Do all things without complaining or disputing."  (My 5 year old really needs to learn this too!)

Our cut & tape bible verse activity.  It wraps around his head!

Our bible craft ... learning how to respond without complaining or disputing.  (I'm hopeful it sticks!)

Reviewing our letter D vocabulary words.  We are finally holding our pencil sort of correctly.  (In his defense, this is exactly how I hold a pencil with 2 fingers on top.)

A close up of the pencil grip. 

Working on some of our Dinosaur activities from our LOTW curriculum.

We tried out a new alphabet maze you can find here.  We used beads to mark our path through the maze (on the letter D).  And then we colored the letter D boxes.  

Donut and duck dot painting from here.

We made these shape dinosaurs that I found here and then decorated their background.


More dinosaur activities from LOTW.

Making a playdough D ... and being silly with the playdough.  Playdough pages came from here.

Dinosaur dot-to-dot that I found here.

Dinosaur coloring page from LOTW.

David's coloring is SO MUCH IMPROVED.  I have to document his first time really staying in the lines.

He loves reading his easy reader from RRSP

The dinosaur dig was a hit!  I added dried pasta, beans and some small plastic dinosaurs they sell in a tube at Target for $4.99.  He played with this for a long time!

Dinosaur fossil craft.  I got the idea here.  And happened to have all the appropriate pasta pieces in our pantry.  Yeah me!!

Letter D poke page.

Dinosaur magnet page.

Dinosaur puzzle.

Dinosaur pattern activity.

We love these alphabet coloring pages.  D is for Dog.

Our project board for the week.

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Beth ( said...

What a fun week. What kid doesn't love dinosaurs =-) LOVE your dino dig & your pasta dinosaur! The other year we studied dinosaurs and then were able to take a trip to Chicago to see T-rex Sue - it was WAY cool. Sue has her own webpage if you are interested in some more dino info =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Looking forward to see you next week,
Beth =-)