Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We are the Champions!

We had a fun time watching the Crimson Tide bring home another National Championship title last night. 

We were all decked out in our Alabama gear. 

We grilled burgers and dogs before the game.  And had our favorite gameday snack ... buffalo chicken dip with Alabama chips.  (That is what Claire calls Fritos scoops.) 

Game watching would not be complete without tattoos! 

The kids also needed the hats and shakers.   

David and Will watching the game. 

My big kids and me.  Luke went to bed before the game started but we let the big kids stay up as long as they wanted.  They started fading around 9:30 and we put them to bed.   

I'll spare you any commentary on the game.  I've heard enough to last me a lifetime.  The important thing is that Alabama brought home a WIN!  ROLL TIDE!!

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