Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I know what you did this summer: Summer Fun (Part 3)

You can read about Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking the links.
Hanging out with friends.  Luke is quite smitten with Miss Waverly.
Claire and McCall.

Neyland and David.

Luke loves to sit in baskets.  We cancelled our newspaper so our newspaper basket was empty and he hopped right in!
More bowling!  It is free, so why not!
You really can't see it in this picture, but David bowled a 114 in the first game.

Of course, it's a lot easier to score this high when you are bowling with a ball stand and bumpers!
My cute niece struck a pose!

We banged on the piano quite a bit this summer.
And there was quite a bit of napping in the car.

Will took a guys trip with his bible study group to Pickwick Lake in Savannah, TN.  They ate some catfish and played a little golf.

We spent A LOT of time at the pool this summer.  I finally managed to get my camera out there once.  This was at kids' night one Wed. night.  The girls are making tie-dye shirt.  My kids loved this and their shirts turned out really cute.

Claire and her pool buddy Maggie.

We also spent 5 long night without air conditioning upstairs (which is where all of our bedrooms are).  The AC finally bit the dust (it was 21 years old) and while we priced new units on Sunday, they couldn't come install until Thursday morning.  It was 93 degrees in our upstairs that last day.  The kids enjoyed "camping out" downstairs for the week, but I was glad to have the AC back up and running!!

Remember when Claire went to Camp Wonderfully Made earlier this summer?  Well, they have a 4th week of camp for underprivileged children and invite the earlier campers to help with camp during the 4th week.  So, Claire and I got together with about 6-7 other moms and their girls to make lunches, crafts for the campers, and have a time of fellowship and devotional together.  We then took lunch to the campers and ate lunch and played games with them.  One of the moms made these cross shirts as a special treat for the girls who volunteered to help.  We really had a fun time!
Lunch at camp.

Claire and her buddy Adelaide.

Claire and me.

Claire and Mrs. DeeAnn (the camp director).

Finally, we had a pool day with some "old friends" and had so much fun.  I always hate it when we wait late into summer to do something and then we wonder why we didn't do it sooner (and now summer is over).
The itty bitties.  Luke and Samantha.
The pool snake was a big hit with the big kids.

Will and the boys.

Claire modeled her cute swimsuit for me.

After the kids got bored with the pool, they did some riding on the mule.  Mr. Matt was a great chauffeur!  Luke would not get off of that thing!  All the kids loved it.

The End!

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