Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our family in 2009 ... looking back

I realize that it is mid-January and I am a little behind, but here is a short recap of 2009. I tried to find a family picture from each month, but I couldn't. The kids are in all the pictures, so it is fun to see how they have changed this past year.

January: On a trip to Gatlinburg with Will's family. I just now realized that I may be the only one with my eyes open in the picture. We also had birthday parties and baby showers this month.

February: Valentine's Day shirts. (Claire saying, "Cheese!"). Also, more birthday parties and a scrapbooking weekend/girls' weekend for me!

March: Showing our St. Patrick's Day spirit (mainly because I found this fun shamrock headband in the dollar bin at Target and Claire had to wear green to school that day). We also celebrated my 32nd birthday and hosted a fun mini-high school reunion get-together at our house.

April: Claire turned 3 and David turned 1. So, we celebrated many birthdays and attended many Easter egg hunts.

May: Mother's Day! Will took and long weekend trip to Florida for his annual guys' golf trip and we took a family vacation to Hilton Head, SC where we had the worst vacation weather of all time.

June: Father's Day! Will and I took a mini-vacation to Las Vegas and that was about it for this month. I am loving David's hair in this picture and missing all those sweet curls!

July: July 4th (our fireworks viewing plans got rained out shortly thereafter). Other than celebrating the 4th, we had a shrimp boil at our house with my bible study group that we hope to make an annual event.

August: Apparently, we didn't do much in August. It was slim pickens in the ole photo folder. But we did make homemade playdough one day ... and I took pictures. Oh, and Will took a trip to Arizona for work and went out a few days early to play A LOT of golf.

September: On our beach trip to Destin that I never blogged about. We went with four other families for a grand total of 10 adults, 9 kids (all under age 7) and 2 high school aged babysitters. Oh my, this was a busy month!! Claire started preschool and David started Mother's Day Out. Claire started playing soccer and taking ballet lessons. We also attended baby showers, weddings and birthday parties. Will went to several football games that I missed because I was toting the kids around to all this other stuff!

October: At the pumpkin patch. I just realized that I never blogged about this either. Well, we went to the pumpkin patch and it was muddy and David did not want to get his picture made. Claire had fun and picked out a pumpkin for herself. This month brought more soccer, football games, fall festivities and Halloween.

November: Yeah!! An event I did blog about here. We took the kids to Tuscaloosa with us one weekend. Again, David is thrilled to be in the family photo. In addition to more football games, we took Claire on a long weekend trip to Disneyworld. She is so much fun right now! We also hosted Thanksgiving at our house for both of our families.

December: We were very busy with lots of Christmas activities in December, most of which, I have not blogged about. But, we made progress in that David is sitting and smiling for a picture. That, my friends, is a big accomplishment! Look for a Christmas wrap-up post coming soon!

I hope that 2010 is an equally great year, but less busy. I love January and February because we have nothing much going on and I feel like I can sit back and enjoy life!

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